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How To Choose Champagne Truffles


How To Choose Champagne Truffles

There are certain sweet treats that are considered luxurious. One of the most tempting is champagne truffles. There are a wide array of companies that produce them so it helps to know how to find the best ones that will make the perfect gift or something delicious to finish off a dinner.

The first thing to consider is your budget. This will determine where you go to buy the truffles. You can get a number of factory produced items from supermarkets that will look good but may not have the same depth of flavour from someone who is a specialist chocolatier.

Arguably dark chocolate truffles are more appropriate for after dinner or as something to serve with coffee. Equally some people prefer the richness without the addition of milk or sugar. Furthermore it is a good present if someone is lactose intolerant but still enjoys chocolate.

This will then help to narrow down these options. It may be possible to get samples in a store or via a company website. If this is not possible then it may be worth getting a small sample for yourself in order to gauge the quality. Remember if you are getting it for other people you have to consider whether it tastes sufficiently of champagne. Some people only want a mild flavour while other people want to taste more of the alcohol when they bite in. This is especially difficult if you have a number of guests so it is often a case of balancing out flavours to suit a range of tastes.

You can find a number of reviews and taste tests online. This is best suited to you if you are on a budget and are looking at supermarkets or big name chocolate brands. It is often possible to get some high quality products for not that much money if you know where to look.

There is also the consideration of the alcohol content. A larger amount of alcohol will be better to suited to dinner parties or being served in the evening. Alternatively you may want a truffle with the flavour without necessarily having the alcohol content. What you choose depends on what you feel is appropriate as some people will prefer the stronger taste of plenty of real alcohol while other people will just want a small amount to get the flavour but without it being overpowering.

For example a lot of independent chocolate shops will be happy to put their chocolates in a presentation box. This can often make a massive difference turning a nice gift into something particularly special looking. A gold box may seem like a small touch but this can make the gift look that little bit more enticing! Adding ribbons in a colour that they like or photos also make the gift a little bit more personal.

In short when looking for champagne truffles it helps to do a bit of research. This includes reading reviews and taste tests as well as your own. Look online to see what is available near you and to find the ideal product to suit your personal requirements. With the right approach you can make you, your guests or another lucky person very happy!


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